Public Relations

Small and Large Conventions

That’s no moon. It’s a PDF file that shows what we offer to Conventions of any type both small and large.

Sporting Events

We may not be as competitive as the Wookiee, Chewbacca, but we enjoy appearing at Sporting events! Click the PDF file to see what Ghost Base has to offer at Sporting Events.

Hospital Visits

Do you know of anyone that is the hospital for an extended period of time? Do you know of any Children’s Hospitals that would be interested in having Star Wars Characters visit the kids? If so, you can click the PDF File to see what Ghost Base can do to help brighten someone’s day.

Fairs and Festivals

Cotton Candy? Popcorn? Fair Food? Sounds delicious. Click the PDF file to see what “flair” we can bring to Fairs and Festivals.

Concerts and Parades

Play that funky music Bith Boy. Pictured above is an alien from Star Wars known as a Bith Musician playing some funky tunes on his Kloo Horn. To see what we can offer at Concerts and Parades both large and small, click the PDF File provided.

These aren’t the events you are looking for?

There are so many different types of events out there that we may not be able to list them all. Just because an event isn’t on the list above doesn’t mean Ghost Base isn’t available. Feel free to email our Event Coordinator about events you want information on at