About Us

Ghost Base is the Pennsylvania and Delaware chapter of the Rebel Legion, the premier Rebel (“good guy”) costuming organization as recognized by LucasFilm Ltd. Formerly a part of Echo Base until 2014, Ghost Base is now one of the fastest growing chapters in the Rebel Legion. We attend a wide variety of events such as charity functions, cons, parades, and other events.

Our costumes are made to be as screen accurate as possible to what is depicted in the Star Wars universe. Any person over the age of 18 is eligible to submit a costume to the Rebel Legion to become a member. If you are working on a Star Wars costume or have ideas for a costume, we recommend joining the Rebel Legion Forums for assistance.

To make a Rebel Legion account and get started on your costume please visit: http://www.rebellegion.com/membership-qualifications/

To request an appearance from Ghost Base, click the Request An Appearance tab and fill out the event request form.

Rebel Legion Website: http://www.rebellegion.com/