Star Wars Fans Unite!

Hurricane Harvey has caused unprecedented hardships. In response, The 501st Legion, The Rebel Legion, Mandalorian Mercs, R2 Builders, and the Saber Guild are joining forces to launch a joint relief campaign to benefit our members who have been caught in the unprecedented floodwaters. If you want to help Star Wars costumers who regularly give their all for the community, please make a charitable contribution to The Peter Mayhew Foundation at http://petermayhewfoundation.org

Every cent of the funds that are raised will be distributed to help those in our clubs who are hurting the most. We are deeply grateful for any help you can give. And may the Force be with you! >> paypal.me/mayhewfoundation <<


Ghost Base serves Pennsylvania and Delaware for the Rebel Legion, an international Star Wars costuming group representing good guy characters from the Star Wars universe. Focused on charity and our love for all things Star Wars, Ghost Base helps raise money for charities in our areas through character appearances and special events.

Jackson’s Jedi Auction 2017

Current Live Auctions are listed below. All proceeds directly goes towards the Jackson’s Jedi Charity.


On Monday January 16, 2017 we will be going live with Jackson’s Jedi. This charity initiative has been 9 months in the making. For all of 2017 we will be putting a couple items each week up for auction on EBay. All proceeds go directly to the charity Jackson’s family has chosen. These charities are ones that helped Jackson. If you are unfamiliar with Jackson’s story, you can read about him in this link. 2 weeks after we had this event, he became one with the Force.

Jackson Becomes a Jedi